Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Dish with Eight Buddhist Treasures

My sons and I love to spend free time at the temple.  The place where we can learn Buddhist culture and history.  We have never bored of the history.  In fact it keep us together and we love to share our thought of life through it's culture.  Last week end we went to the temple again.  We sat under the tree in front of the battlement. The battlement remind me to the Dish with Eight Buddhist Treasures which I saw in the Chinese museum last few years when we visited China.

Credit picture to The Metropolitan Museum of Arts

Buddhism proposes a life of good thoughts, good intentions, and straight living, all with the ultimate aim of achieving nirvana, release from earthly existence. For most beings, nirvana lies in the distant future, because Buddhism believes in a cycle of rebirth. Humans are born many times on earth, each time with the opportunity to perfect themselves further. And it is their own karma-the sum total of deeds, good and bad-that determines the circumstances of a future birth.

This silver dish is decorated with the Eight Treasures—the wheel, the banner, the double fish, the precious vase, the parasol, the conch, the lotus, and the endless knot. Each treasure rests on a lotus flower placed in the center of a square petal set against a background of dense ring matting.  The Eight Treasure is stand for Buddhist teaching.

I've got inspiration from this dish to design and make the bracelet and pendants in several colors here

I enjoy making this pendant with colorful combination.  It's available in my on line store at and my etsy store.

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