Thursday, March 4, 2010

Nong Nooch Garden

Last weekend we went to Nong Nooch Garden which is far from Bangkok around 80 km. We left Bangkok at 9.00 am on Saturday, reached there around 11:00 am. Once we got in there, we're stunning by lot of trees and the air is really fresh. Wow! we had so many activities to do, we walked, we played games in the garden and many photos.

There are many beautiful gardens, featuring the largest variety of Palm's and Cycad's in the world, along with the greatest selection of Orchid's in Thailand. we got up close to different wild animals, colourful birds and wonderful fish. We really feel like we're in paradise playing in the parks, and the best way to see the park is ride on the back of an elephant!

In the evening they greet us by 'Thai Cultural and Elephant' shows and wonderful meal. After that we went back to our room. It's room for 4 person with air conditioner. Super clean room and the toilet is super big and of course it's cleannnnn.....